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within Islam jelas2 should not marry women who have not had menstrual periods, so ignorant of religion as if enacting legislation but which in fact contradicts the prophet?

History is written in the Hadiths, which is not a source of truth, reality

This hadith narrated by Hisham ibn Urwah (please correct if wrong) ..
usually one hadith testing criteria is how many people who wrote similar? ..
in this case the hadith is narrated in a single ...
hadist2 else no one writes like this, even if we observe from another hadith, the history of this aisyah very different / contradictory ..

Quraan as The main source book of the Islamic ummah hadith Hisham also contradictory with this ..
for example:
if we learn asbabun nuzulnya surat Al-Qamar was revealed at 8 years before Hijra, which was in 614M. Ayesha narrated in the sura that was a young girl or anak2/Jariah (its Arabic language). whereas according to Hisham, in 623M, Aiyah 9tahun old and married with the prophet .. means aisyah born in 614M. asbabun nuzulnya logic how the Koran says muda/anak2 aisyah is a girl, while at the time revealed Surah Qamar, while according to a new aisyah Hisham was born in 614M? Asbabun nuzul Quran letter was also confirmed by another hadith such as Bukhari Hadith which in this case did not counter with the Quraan ..

terminology in the Arabic language ..
in another hadith, if ill one narrated by Ahmad ibn Hanbali (corrected if wrong) ..
then the prophet, saying the prophet to Khaulah married again with a "bikr" or "Thayib" .. when the Prophet asked about bikr, then Khaulah aisyah name ..
"Bikr" is Arabic for woman who was a girl but already during menstruation "Thayib" is the Arabic word for a woman who was widowed while for girls who have menstrual period is called = "Jariah" so it can be concluded aisyah is a girl who already got my period at that time ..
Is there a woman 9 years who have not had menstrual periods?
moreover diffused rumors was the prophet to marry a girl who has not menstruation?

hadist2 many more who can read and controvert the contents of this hadith regarding age aisyah Hisham ...
and until now no one else who is in line with the hadith which narrated the hadith like the hadith Hisham aisyah description ..

Proof 1:
When Did Siti Aisyah was born?
All the 4th son of Abu Bakr Saidina with 2 people his wife were born before the arrival of Islam "Saidina Abu Bakr (ra) berkahwin with 2 woman named Fateelah bint Abd al-Aza and Umm i Rooman dizaman ignorance. Abu Bakr got 4 children from these perkahwinan, 2 men and 2 perempuan.Isteri first birth Fateelah Abdullah and Asma `.'s wife gave birth to a second Umm Rooman i Abd alRahman and Siti Aisyah.Tabrani said Siti Aisyah was born before the year 610 AD, so that Siti Aisyah wedding with prophet Muhammadsaw in 623 AD Hijra together a meaningful life, he is 14 years old.
Proof 2:
Siti Aisyah's age when the battle of Uhud Battle of Uhud force on 15 Shawal, year 3 AH in March the same year Bukari said MasehiIman 625 in his book: Kitabu'l-jihad wa'l-siyar, Arabic, Chapter Ghazwi'l-nisa 'wa ma `qitalihinna a'lrijal." Narrated Anas: On the day of Uhud ..... I saw Siti Aisyah (ra) and Umm i Sulaim, they menyinsing fabric to facilitate their move. "Messenger of Allah impose strict requirements for those who would follow the battle of Badr, Uhud and Trench. They mestiberumur 15 years and above. Sesiapa under the age of 15 years, is not justified in following the battle of Badr, Uhud and Khandaq.Diriwayatkan by Bukari in his book: Kitabu'l-maghazi, Chapter ghazwati'l hiya'l-wa-Ditch ahza'b, "Ibn Umar ( ra) said that unlicensed Prophet does not justify me to mengikutipeperangan kerana Uhud when I was 14 years old. But in time of war Trench, the Prophet fought justify my life because I have 15 tahun.Mengikut history of Siti Aisyah participating in a battle of Badr and Uhud. This means he is 15 years of age to atas.Berdasarkan history of this Bukari clearly shows;
1. Siti Aisyah following the battle of Uhud and he is now reaching the age of 15 years.
2. If the age of Aisha in 625 AD (3 AH) was 15 years old then Siti Aisyah was born in 610
3. Siti Aisyah wedding with prophet Muhammad in 623 AD Hijra together a meaningful life, he is 14 years old
Proof 3:
Engagements Siti Aisyah
According to the history of Tabrani; Saidina time Abu Bakr wanted to emigrate to Habsyah on year 615 AD, (7 years before Hijra to Medina in 622 AD) he had gone to the house Mut `am.Abu Bakr asked Mut` am taking as his wife Siti Aisyah. Mut `am which has become a fiancee Siti Aisyah deny the request due to Abu Bakr Abu Bakr had embraced Islam.Mut` am and then break the engagement with Siti Aisyah. while Siti Aisha was 6 years old, then we will Siti Aisyah find wedding with prophet Muhammad in 623 AD, then Siti Aisyah's age has reached 14 years. (Age 6 years + 7 years = 13 years hijrah + 1 year Hijra).
Possibility 4:
Siti Aisyah Islam
The prophet Muhammad in 610 AD. According to Siti Aisyah's history is one of the 21 or 22 who converted to Islam in the year The first Prophet namely preaching in 610 AD. So if Siti Aisyah converted to Islam in 610 AD, the age of his wedding with the lowest time of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is 19 tahun.Jika we take the age Siti Aisyah lowest 6tahun time to convert to Islam then we find he was born in 604 AD (6 years before Islam)
Possibility 5:
Surah Al QamarDiriwayatkan by Bukari in his Book of Tafsir: "Siti Ayesha (ra) said" I am a girl "when Surah Al Qamar - Sura 54 was revealed." Following the history of surahAl Qamar revealed in 613 AD. (9 years before Hijrah). This shows that unlicensed Siti Aisyah was born before the advent of Islam, namely before the year 610 Masehi.Jika Siti Aisha was born before 610 AD, the lowest age of his wedding with the Prophet in 623 AD is 14 years old
Possibility 6:
Siti Aisyah's age compared with age Fatimah (ra) {According to Ibn Hajar in his book: Al-isabah tamyizi'l-Sahabah fi, Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, Vol 4, Pg 377, Arabic, Maktabatu'l-Riyadh al-Haditha, al-Riyadh, 1978} "} Fatimah (ra) was born when the Kaaba in the fix. When the Prophet was 35 years old ... and Fatimah (ra) is the exceedingly 5 years old from Siti Ayesha (ra)" The Messenger of Allah was born in 570 Masehi.Rasulullah old 35 years at AD 605 (570 +35 = 605 M) 53-year-old Prophet in 623 AD (18 years old Fatimah) Age of children Prophet, Fatima in 623 AD there Age was 18 years Siti Aisyah in 623 AD was 13 years (5 years younger than Fatimah exceedingly) Based on these facts we find; Age Siti Aisyah wedding time with the Prophet in 623 AD is 13 years old Siti Aisyah was born in 610 AD
Possibility 7:
Siti Aisyah's age compared with age his sister Asma `Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani say in the book (Taqribu'l-tehzib, Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani, Pg 654, "She (Asma ') lived 100 years and died at 73, 74 Hijrah" IbnKatheer says in his book: (Al-Bidayah wa'l-Nihayah, Ibn Kathir, Vol 8, Pg 372, "that unlicensed Asthma is a sister Siti Aisyah.Asma died in the year 73 Hijrah and he is 100 years old. Asma` is 10 years older than Siti Aisyah exceedingly. {73 AH = 695 AD} 695 CE / 73 AH Asthma age = 100 years, 622 AD, 1Hijrah Asthma age = 27 years (100 years - 73 years = 27 years) so Siti Aisyah's age - 17 years (10 years younger than her sister Asma exceedingly ) 623 AD / 2 AH à Siti Aisyah wedding with prophet Muhammad at the age of 18 years
Possibility 8:
When will Siti Ayesha (ra) passed away?
Siti Aisha died in 678 AD then we will see;
1. Siti Aisyah's age in 678 AD there was 73 years
2. The 27-year-old Ayesha at the time of the Prophet Died in 632 AD (678-632 = 46) = 73-46 = 27 years, so à
3. Aisha was 17 when wedding with prophet Muhammad in 623 AD.
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