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Asmaul Husna

Asmaul Husna

Learning from

Al Asmaul Husna

Effect of Faith

• للذين لا يؤمنون بالآخرة مثل السوء ولله المثل الأعلى وهو العزيز الحكيم

• People - people who do not believe in the Hereafter, has a bad nature, and God has the nature of the Most High, and He - the One Who is Mighty, Wise. (QS16: 60)

Effect of Faith

• In the above verse Allah linking Matsalus Su-i (bad qualities) to people who do not believe in days

• God is the owner of A'la Matsalul

• there are subtle, the personal is the personal faith that has managed to remove Matsalus su-i and grow in him Matsalul A'la (the highest examples).

Effect of prayer which is understood

• ولله الأسماء الحسنى فادعوه بها وذروا الذين يلحدون في أسمآئه سيجزون ما كانوا يعملون

"Unto Allah Al Husna Asmaul, then summon him to her, and leave the people who abused the name-his name. They will obtain a reply on what they do "(S. Al A'raf: 180)

Muhammad Ali, The Holy Quran, p. 37.

Fad'uu Biha-hu thinks means "that man must save the divine attributes in his thoughts (with repeatedly menyerunya-pen), and try to have these properties, because only with that he will reach perfection

Berakhlaq 'like' God

... وأحسن كما أحسن الله إليك ولا تبغ الفساد في الأرض إن الله لا يحب المفسدين

"... and do good as Allah has done good to you, and you do not make mischief in the land! Allah loves not those who do mischief. "Al Qashash (77): 28

Effect Imaging

• Goodness of God to man is expressed in its properties embodiment of the sublime (Matsalul A'la). Because it is human kindness toward fellow believers must be manifested in the forms 'pelahiran' and 'Realization of return' divine nature in human life of faith

God Heaven Earth Light

• Man as a recipient of divine light

• We are faced with unknown sources inexhaustible, infinite personality to forge the formation of a continuous and never stopped this

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
The Reconstruction of religious thought in Islam

"One and continuously. Man continues to move forward to always accept new lights of the infinite reality, which every now emerging as a new splendor. "

Nature 20

• Being = exist, give a good effect

• Qidam = pioneer

• baqa = eternal in doing good

• lil Mukholafatul hawadits = have the quality

• Qiyamuhu Binafsihi = standalone

Everyone is a leader

893 «كلكم راع, وكلكم مسئول عن رعيته, الإمام راع ومسئول عن رعيته, والرجل راع فى أهله وهو مسئول عن رعيته, والمرأة راعية فى بيت زوجها ومسئولة عن رعيتها, والخادم راع فى مال سيده ومسئول عن رعيته - قال وحسبت أن قد قال - والرجل راع فى مال أبيه ومسئول عن رعيته وكلكم راع ومسئول عن رعيته »

Everyone is a leader

• Each of you is leader and will be asked about kepemimpinnya.

• Imam is the leader and will be questioned about his leadership

• A husband is the family leader, and he will be called to accountability for leadership pinannya.

• A woman is a leader in the household of her husband and she will be asked about his leadership

• Landing waiter also was the leader of the assets of his master and he will be asked for kepemimpi-nannya. (Reported by al Bukhory)

Everyone is a leader

Everyone is a leader and everyone will dminta accountability for their leadership

• The husband is the family leader

• Wife is a leader in her husband's household.

Children are a leader for the maintenance of his parents' property, for themselves and their future

Struggle Strategy based
Al Asmaul Husna

• هو الله الذي لا إله إلا هو عالم الغيب والشهادة هو الرحمن الرحيم

• It is God that there is no god besides him, who knows the unseen and the real, he is Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem (QS59: 22)

The road to victory

• Being in a unity of command (one god).

• Mastering the information, whether information is open or closed information.

Ar Rahman

• Love to all that exists.

• Providing services open to all parties.

• Build strength from all circles sympathetic.

Ar rohiim

• special affection towards the believers.

Special services to the community of faith.

• Consolidation of internal forces (into)

Al Malik

• Has power.

• Unity of Command, control information, external support and special forces from within the capital to achieve power.

• Consolidation of internal forces (into)

• Ar Rohman - Ar Rohim - Al Malik

Al Quddus

• From power, comes the power to clean.

• Develop from the ground, clean from the top.

• Desire 'clean living' would be so stressful when the power is on can be controlled

As Salam

• prosperity, the power clean with his own well-being will be evenly-da Kepa everyone.

• Difficult to building prosperous when power is left off control.

Al Mukmin

• Providing psychological sense of security.

• In the welfare sense of security are psychologically easier to be formed

Al Muhaimin

• Provide physical security.

• In the welfare sense of security in psychiatric aka easier to create physical and environmental security

Al Jaliil

Leading with lofty personal

• Clean up-to-heart

• Beautiful with noble morality

Al Kariim

• Leading with kindness charity

• Al-Karim, a noble meaningful because a lot of giving.

• Provide role models, share knowledge and skills, provide opportunities so that all developing

Ar Raqiib

• Lead by directly down to the field.

• Master the real situation and lead the good

• Qorib = close

• Roqib = I am at your back!

Al Mujiib

• Lead with the basic foundation: Understanding the difficulties of others.

• Present to give solutions

Al Wasi'i

Leading with a broad insight.

• Ulama warotsatul Anbiya.

• Scholars heir to the Prophet insights.

• Mastering the 25 strategies of the Prophet in the master and improve the situation

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