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Asmaul Husna

God Almighty has said, which meant:

"GOD has Asmaa-Ul-Husna (the great names in accordance with the properties of GOD Almighty), then bermohonlah Him by calling Asmaa-ul-Attributes that." - (Surah Al-A'raf: 180)

"Say:" Call upon GOD or summon AR-RAHMAN. By whichever name you call. He has al Asmaul Husna (the names of the best)

"He is GOD! there is no god but He, He has al-Asmaul Names (the names are good) "- (Surah Taha: 8)

From Abu Hurairah ra he said the Holy Prophet have said:

"Verily, Allah has 99 names, namely one hundred less one, whoever it calculated (memorize all) he went into heaven" - Bukhari History


The ASTHMA-UL-Husna is Allah names contained in the Quran where in each of these names each contain adequate properties as we will know the following:


Allahu Ertinya The issue sekelian creature out of nothing into existence.

Usefulness: Whoever menbacanya 5000 times each day, Insyaallah will dimurahkan sustenance, and if read 66 times until 66 days after the prayer fardhu, it will be as great people and got a lot of good.

AR RAHMAANU Ertinya Mercy to His servants on earth.

Usefulness: Whoever finished mebacanya each obligatory prayer as much as 100 times, Insyaallah he will awake from the nature of the forgotten and neglected.

AR RAHIIMU Ertinya The mercy to the believers on the day of the End

Usefulness: Anyone who reads it every day as much as 100 times, Insyaallah his heart will always have the nature of compassion will fellow creatures God Almighty

AL MALIKU Ertinya Who Have Empire

Usefulness: Anyone who reads it every day as much as 121 times later than dawn or tergelincirnya, Insyaallah will be enriched with cause or with a door that opened to God Almighty for him.

AL QUDDUUSU Ertinya the Most Holy

Usefulness: Whoever remembrance with this khalimat on each day when the sun slipped as much as 100 times, Insyaallah will be clean in heart, and anyone who dhikr 1000 times, Insyaallah will be saved rather than reinforcements.

U.S. SALAAMU Ertinya Prosperous than the lack of

Usefulness: When read to a sick person's head 121 times or 136 times in a voice can be heard by a person if the sick and raising both hands, Insyaallah be cured with khalimatNya during not come death or deductible than sakitmya.

AL MU'MINU Ertinya The Mengimamkan His servant

Usefulness: Where will read this khalimat counted 136 times by people who feel the fear of something, then he will feel safe from what is feared, and when read by those who believe, then he will increase his faith.

AL MUHAIMINU Ertinya Highly Menyintai and Maintain.

Usefulness: Anyone who reads it 100 times after praying two rak circumcision (especially at a time when the middle of the night), Insyaallah Zahir and his mind will be cleaned and remain luminous heart, and anyone who read it as much as 145 times after praying Isyak, will Insyaallah khafazhnya strong.

AL'AZIIZ Ertinya The Blame.

Usefulness: Whoever remembrance as many as 40 times daily for 40 days and a better read after Fajr prayers, will Insyaallah enriched and glorified by God Almighty and not dihajatkan him to someone from his creatures.

AL-JABBAARU Ertinya The Very manly.

Usefulness: Whoever remembrance every day as much as 206 times or 226 times in the morning and evening, Insyaallah not going to be people who do wrong and God Almighty will retaliate for the punishment of wrongdoers for him.

AL MUTAKABBIRU Ertinya the Most Great.

Usefulness: Whoever remembrance every day as much as 662 times, Insyaallah arrogant person would be subject to him.

AL KHAALIQU Ertinya Him the Creator Beings.

Usefulness: Whoever remembrance at midnight as many as 731 times, will be explained Insyaallah his heart and himself, and he who loses his property or loved ones long ditunggalkan, read as much as 5000 times, Insyaallah he will come with a command of Allah Almighty.

AL-U Ertinya Baari Who Publishes creature.

Usefulness: Whoever remembrance during the day as much as 100 times, he would selemat Insyaallah of destruction and he will not feel afraid in the grave, and he who when reading at night for 7 nights in a row and on each and every night read 100 times, Insyaallah will be cured of all diseases in his hand.

AL MUSHAWWIRU Ertinya Who Represents Beings.

Usefulness: Anyone who remembrance of 336 times or more, it would be a good Insyaallah everything he does or what he was doing.

AL GHAFFAARU Ertinya Very Forgiving.

Usefulness: Whoever dhikr 100 times while accompanying the Friday prayer, Insyaallah Zahir will receive forgiveness for him.

AL QAHHAARU Ertinya Very Loud.

Usefulness: If the public every day and night as much as 306 times or more, Insyaallah out of his love of the world and the greatness of other stuff than God Almighty and God Almighty help Zahir him over his enemies, and whoever is the intent and dhikr 100 times and then raised both hands and will open his head, Insyaallah hajatnya fulfilled.

AL WAHHAABU Ertinya Very Giving.

Usefulness: Whoever is eternal mewiridkannya each day or each finished praying fardhu are five times as much as 300 times or more, Insyaallah will dikabul and her great wealth and greatness, and those who perpetuate read it at the end of Duha prayer prostration as much as 40 times, Insyaallah facilitated easy for him and great wealth.

AR RAZZAQU Very Giving Ertinya Rezeki.

Usefulness: Those who perpetuate read each and every day 308 times, Insyaallah fulfilled hajatnya to the king and the government and if mengkehendaki will dimarahinya it, then quit berbetulan people charged, and if remembrance 17 times, Insyaallah hajatnya and whoever fulfilled the remembrance of 20 consecutive days and each day 20 times in the morning before eating and drinking, Insyaallah will be given him a deep and excellent schools.

AL FATTAHU Ertinya Opening Khazanah Yang Rahmat.

Usefulness: If read each and every completed Subuh prayer as much as 71 times with his hand delivered and above the chest, heart Insyaallah be clean and shiny, facilitated all the work and out of love the world of her heart.

AL'ALIIMU Ertinya Knowing.

Usefulness: Whoever remembrance of each after they finish praying five times as much as 100 times, Insyaallah will gain knowledge ma'rifat and dreams and faith is perfect.

AL QAABIDHU Ertinya The Hold, narrow Rezeki and reduce it to someone who is collapsible.

Usefulness: If the public every day as much as 100 times, will be spared from pengancamnya Insyaallah.

AL BAASITHU Ertinya Supreme paved.

Usefulness: If Duha prayer read over 10 times, will be dilated Insyaallah sustenance and knowledge.

AL KHAAFIDHU Ertinya That Lowers.

Usefulness: If diamalkan every day in solemn and clean condition (berwuduk) definitely dropped as much as 500 times the dignity of an enemy or opponent opponents and granted hajatnya.

AR RAAFI'U Ertinya Supreme Lifting.

Usefulness: If the public every day, especially at night as much as 70 times, his property would be protected from thieves, pirates, fraud and so forth.

AL MU'IZZU Ertinya Supreme Win and his giving to the desired.

Usefulness: To grow the authority of the crowd when the public every day as much as 140 times.

AL MUDZILLU Ertinya The Degrading or humiliating.

Usefulness: When read as much as 75 times and then bow down in prayer and say the name is feared that, Insyaallah would be safe from it and if they read 1000 times on each day during 7 days, Insyaallah will ditolakkan enemies thereof.

U.S. SAMII'U Ertinya Hearer.

Usefulness: If read 500 times, after praying Duha on Thursday, then the prayer will be fulfilled by God Almighty and will heal their hearing than deaf or hearing of disease would be good.

AL BASHIIRU Ertinya Seer.

Usefulness: If the public before Friday prayers began as much as 100 times definitely will grow intelligent thoughts and his heart opens.

AL HAKAMU Ertinya The laws stipulate His creatures.

Usefulness: If the public every night of quiet and sacred ritual impurity and unclean as much as 68 times, will be his place Insyaallah rahsia and wisdom of religious knowledge.

AL'ADLU Ertinya the Most Fair.

Usefulness: When read after they finish praying five times 104 times he would be a fair law breakers and will feel attracted to him the hearts of others.

AL LATHIIFU Ertinya the Most Subtle.

Usefulness: When read as much as 129 times or 130 times, or perniagaannya Insyaallah business going forward and will feel glory in his work.

AL KHABIIRU Ertinya the All-Knowing, or Alert.

Usefulness: When the public for 7 days and each day as much as 812 times, Insyaallah grace will come to him with all the desired khabar.

AL HALIIMU Ertinya Merciful and the patient.

Usefulness: If the public after the prayer 5 times as much as 88 times he would be maintained from his rank, position or his position.

AL'AZHIIMU Ertinya Supreme Court.

Usefulness: If the public every day as much as 12 times the Insyaallah disease will soon recover and be spared from evil.

AL GHAFUURU Ertinya Forgiving.

Usefulness: Whoever writes for people who have a fever read 3 times, Insyaallah he will soon be healed.

ASY SYAKUURU Ertinya The Very Gratitude.

Usefulness: When writing as much as 40 times by people who are shortness of breath or fatigue or loss and abolition da'eef eye with envy and jealousy brush it to his or her eyes and drunk, Insyaallah will be blessed.

AL'ALIYYU Ertinya dignity of the Most High.

Usefulness: When written on paper and direndamkan on glass of water (writing as many as 110 times) and the water is drunk to a child, Insyaallah he will be smart and clever boy.

AL KABIIRU Ertinya the Most Great.

Usefulness: If read in a period of 7 days after having prayed the intent as much as 1,000 times every night, Insyaallah will be restored again his position, his job was not fired for fraud or kerana kerana rasuah and eat the results of others.

AL HAFIIZHU Most Maintaining Ertinya.

Usefulness: To maintain the safety of themselves from wild beasts or of ghosts tonight, read as much as 99 times would be saved and protected than any of the above disorders.

AL MUQI ITU Ertinya What makes the food.

Usefulness: To remove the feeling of thirst and hunger during the exposure suffering read it (read as much as possible) Insyaallah will recover.

AL HASIIBU Ertinya part to or Counting.

Usefulness: To strengthen the position or a job he held when read each finished praying Fajr or before the rising sun and evening (after the Maghrib prayer), Insyaallah will be kept in his position / office or work. Read as much as 777 times.

AL JALIILU Ertinya The Most Great and Noble.

Usefulness: If read every morning (at 2:30 am) as much as 73 times definite course of business, job or position will increase very menghairankan.

AL KARIIMU Ertinya Majesty or the Merciful.

Usefulness: Whoever mewiridkan at each time going to sleep as much as 270 times or more, then Insyaallah will receive grace and glory of the world akirat.

AR RAQIIBU Ertinya Most Observing / In The

Usefulness: When read as much as 50 times on each day, Insyaallah all property and belongings will be safe from theft and others.

AL MAJIIBU Ertinya That Allows.

Usefulness: When read after Fajr prayer every day by 55 times, Insyaallah all hajatnya granted by God Almighty

AL All-Area WAASI'U Ertinya Unto Him.

Usefulness: If read every morning (morning, evening or night) must have released 128 times of difficulty and kept from those who envy.

AL HAKIIMU Ertinya Wise

Usefulness: When read every morning (morning, afternoon or evening) as much as 300kali, God willing will be a smart sense his thoughts so easily will accept any sciences.

AL All-Loving WADUUDU Ertinya people who believe

Usefulness: If the public every night as much as 11.000 times must be granted all hajatnya and be loved by people and mententeramkan family in the household.

AL MAJIIDU Ertinya the sublime and the Supreme Luhur.

Usefulness: If the public as much as 99 times, Insyaallah all will feel safe and secure all the members of his family.

AL BAA'ITSU Ertinya Supreme arouse His creatures on the Day later.

Usefulness: When read as much as 100 times with a hand placed chest, surely Allah.'ll Give him a field of science and wisdom.

ASY SYAHIIDU Ertinya is Witness.

Usefulness: If the public every night as much as 319 times definitely will menyedarkan person or family was always against it or rebel.

AL HAQQU Ertinya Great.

Usefulness: If the public every day, then Insyaallah faith will increase.

AL WAKIILU Implementing Supreme Beings Ertinya His Affairs.

Usefulness: Can keep fear rather than the distress such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and others. So many-many are reading khalimah this and also when read in each day or night as many as 66 times or more, will be opened for him doors Insyaallah kindness and sustenance.

AL QAWIYYU Ertinya the Most Strong.

Usefulness: When oppressed people, then read as much as 1000 times, Insyaallah he will be released therefrom.

AL MATIINU Ertinya Supreme Perfect Strength Him.

Usefulness: To restore power, especially at a time when in battle, read as much as possible (both AL and AL QAWIYYU QAWIYYU), Insyaallah will recover its original strength.

AL HAMIIDU Ertinya the Blessed.

Usefulness: When read after Maghrib and Fajr sembahyanh completed by 62 times, Insyaallah all the words and deeds will always be laudable.

AL MUHSHII Ertinya The Account of each charity His creatures, and back.

Usefulness: If recited 20 times for bread or other foods and then to the person who wants, he will be subject Insyaallah.

AL-U MUBDI Ertinya All His Creatures Menzahirkan .

Usefulness: To menjayakan dirancangkan everything, read every day as much as 470 times, Insyaallah what is planned it will be realized or successful.

AL MU'IIDU Ertinya The Restore.

Usefulness: To restore or find something missing, read it all before praying five times as much fardhu 124 times, Insyaallah with the will and permission of Allah swt will return again.

AL Muhyi Ertinya The Turning.

Usefulness: If the public every day as much as 58 times, definitely will acquire the glory and blessing darjatnya mengingkat readable name.

AL MUMIITU Ertinya The Deadly.

Usefulness: When read as much as 490 times or more, then Insyaallah will be able to subdue lust and will do obey.

AL HAYYU Ertinya the Living.

Usefulness: When read as much as 300,000 times, Insyaallah will be spared from the disease.

AL QAYYUUM Ertinya The Standing Alone.

Usefulness: If read both (Yes Hayyu Yes Qayyuum) every day that quiet at night as much as 1000 times, Insyaallah be granted hajatnya and will be a tycoon and philanthropist, and dear friends and respected opponents are also great authority.

AL WAAJIDU Substances Ertinya discover what He wills.

Usefulness: To foster self-confidence.

AL MAAJIDU Ertinya Supreme Court and Noble.

Usefulness: When read as much as 400 times each morning and evening it will be light heart.

AL WAAHIDU Ertinya Got what he desired.

Usefulness: If read every ba'da pray five times as much as 190 times in a period of one month and fasting on the day Isnin and Khamis, Insyaallah all hajatnya be granted and will be given offspring.

ASH SHAMADU Ertinya Venue rely for all His creatures.

Usefulness: To ask what dihajatkan. Read as much as 313 times in three days (with a fast for three days as well), will be granted all sorts Insyaallah hajatnya.

AL QAADIRU Ertinya hath power over all things.

Usefulness: When read as much as 200 times after performing two cycles of prayer circumcision when under dha'ir, Insyaallah will get power.

AL MUQTADIRU Ertinya A Very Powerful.

Usefulness: If read 100 times after getting out of bed, Insyaallah he will receive guidance and instructions from God Almighty

AL MUQADDIMU Ertinya Precede substance.

Usefulness: To menyegarakan what they want, read as much as 184 times each day would quickly achieved what he wanted and he who mewiridkan / read when entering kemedan war, Insyaallah not get kemudhratan.

AL MUAKHHIRU Ertinya mengakhirkan Substances.

Usefulness: Anyone who reads it every day as much as 300 times or more, will be opened to door Insyaallah Taufiq and repentance for him.

AL AWWALU Ertinya The former, having no beginning.

Usefulness: To bring in intent, to read every day 37 times, will be granted hajatnya Insyaallah.

AL AKHIIRU Ertinya The later and no ending.

Usefulness: When read as much as each finished praying Isyak 1000 times, Insyaallah his heart will be clean and increase the good end of the age.

AZH ZHAHIIRU Supreme Ertinya Real.

Usefulness: To open all the sciences, public ba'da every obligatory prayer as much as 1106 times in a period of one month, definitely will get a rare sciences possessed by ordinary people.

AL BAATHINU Ertinya the Supreme Substance Ghaib.

Usefulness: To the knowledge possessed by humans rarely Baisa, read every ba'da obligatory prayers five times as much as 30 times, would be granted yamg sciences rarely possessed by humans.

AL WAALIYY Ertinya Supreme master and administer all affairs of the creatures.

Usefulness: In order to open his heart, read every morning and evening as much as possible, surely his heart would be open or Futuh.

AL MUTA'AALII Ertinya The Most High.

Usefulness: If read each and every day by day or night as much as 541 times, Insyaallah he will get good results and get darjat higher.

ALBARRU Ertinya Doing the Most Good.

Usefulness: To facilitate whatever it wants, with the public as much as possible.

AT TAWWAABU Ertinya Maha Receive Taubat.

Usefulness: To restore the streets are straight, read all the time, Insyaallah will succeed all that is desired.

AL MUNTAQIMU Ertinya Substances that have the right reply to every act of sin with azabNya.

Usefulness: To reject the actions of people unjustly persecuted, read sesuadah obligatory prayers five times as much as possible.

AL 'AFUWWU Ertinya The forgiving.

Usefulness: Read as much as possible at all times so that people who knew him liked.

MAALIKUL AL Mulki Ertinya Substances that have the power.

Usefulness: To preserve the job or maintain a position or a position, be read after your obligatory prayers five times as much as 212 times the middle of the night, Insyaallah will be kept from criminals envy him in terms of employment, position or status.

Dhul JALAALI wal IKRAAMI Ertinya Glory Substances that have a height that's perfect.

Usefulness: To bring intent, to read every day as much as 65 times in a period of one month, will be filled with all hajatnya Insyaallah.

AL MUQSITHU Ertinya A very fair.

Usefulness: When read 209 times or more, Insyaallah will be delivered from the devil laknatullah misgivings in worship.

AL JAAMI'U Ertinya The Gathering.

Usefulness: Anyone who reads it every day as much as 300 times, Insyaallah will be collected every point.

AL GHANIYYU Ertinya the Most Rich.

Usefulness: If read out at people who are sick or get reinforcements himself and others as much as 1060 times, Insyaallah will soon recover from pemyakitnya.

AL MUGHNII Ertinya Substances that give wealth.

Usefulness: If the public at every day as much as 1000 times, Insyaallah will memjadi kurniaan rich blessings of God Almighty

Al-Maani 'U Ertinya The refuse and other hazards.

Usefulness: To reject the evil and the treatment of wrongdoers. ba'da prayer recited every circumcision dawn (before the obligatory Fajr) as much as 161 times, Insyaallah will be safe from their deeds.

ADH DHAARU Ertinya The present harm.

Usefulness: To cure the disease (which for many years can not be cured), asthma is read every sebamyak day 1001 times, Insyaallah with permission and will of God Almighty will soon be cured of the disease.

AN NAAFI 'U Ertinya What benefit.

Usefulness: To heal penyaklit and eliminate trouble, asthma is read every day, Insyaallah will succeed. Also anyone who dhikr by heart when sexual intercourse with his wife, his wife Insyaallah it will be merciful very deep and will be given a pious child.

AN NUURU Ertinya The illuminating.

Usefulness: If the public at noon each day or night, will be explained Insyaallah heart and its members.

AL BADII 'U Ertinya Who created that has not previously exist.

Usefulness: To achieve what he has planned this asthma ba'da read every obligatory prayer as much as 500 times, will surely prevail what is planned.

AL BAAQII Ertinya Supreme Eternal.

Usefulness: To mengawtkan job for his efforts, read this asthma every time a lot, definitely work lasting (eternal), away from the losses and the collapse of the amount, Insyaallah.

AL WAARITSU Ertinya Yang back to his very being.

Usefulness: Asthma is to advance the effort if the public every night as much as 707 times, Insyaallah business going forward.

AR RASYIIDU Ertinya The Giving Instructions.

Usefulness: To add intelligence to think, asthma is read every morning and evening.

U.S. SABUURU Ertinya Very Patience.

Usefulness: Whoever remembrance as much as 100 times in each day before tebit sun, Insyaallah he can not be the plague on that day, also to build a great soul and patience in dealing with all matters of asthma is read every time, especially in facing all the difficulties of any problems, certainly all affairs will be managed properly.

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