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Bad Effects Instant Noodle Eating Every Day

- After all instant noodles can not replace a full meal (wholesome food) and can only be made ​​in food aid while (interlude) and should not be consumed continuously due to cause serious harm to it caused kesehatanhal substance (mixture in the making) instant noodle. Besides, instant noodles not meet the balanced nutritional needs for the body. Although in the instant noodles contained in a number besat carbohydrate content but rich in vitamins, minerals and protein in it very little. It's different if you eat instant noodles with a mixture of other materials that contain vitamins such as penampahan types of vegetables like carrots, cabbage, tomato etc.

Sources of protein can also the get if the added like eggs, fish, tempeh, meat, etc. .. One serving of instant noodles, amounting to 80 grams can contribute energy of 400 kcal, which is about 20% of the total daily energy requirement (2,000 kcal). Energiyang donated from oil amounted to about 170-200 kcal. Another thing to realize is less oil content in instant noodles that can reach 30% of dry weight. It needs to watch out for people with obesity or those who are undergoing weight-loss program.

It turned out that instant noodle is not just a lack of nutritional content, but also can be detrimental to health for those who consume one of them according to doctors instant noodles cause cancer, it is caused by the substance as a mixture of candle making function of instant noodles for instant noodles are not sticky when cooked. Although the results of POM research issues that have wax in instant noodles is not stated correctly

Candles issues in Instant Noodles.

This issue turns out that's not true. Regarding the issue of wax in instant noodles, said POM did not find any such material. Regarding the use of candles is also denied by one instant produsenmie in Indonesia, PT Indofood. "Geletinasasi the noodles because the noodles are made by steaming and frying. So, the issue of her wax old issue that is not true, "said Siegfried, Public Relations of PT Indofood branch of West Java.

Disclaimer of Billy N. This denies the issues that have been published in People's Daily Thoughts:

Respond article written by Bpk.Agus Rakasiwi, 'Avoid Eating Instant Noodles Every Day' in the 'homework' on Thursday, November 2, 2006 page 21 ('Campus'). There are a few fatal errors that appeared in the article that is read by very many people.

I know that the article was well-intentioned, but many of the contents of the article quoted from the sources unclear, including e-mails that are forwarded from mailing lists to which it largely is a lie and the author is not clear (classified as 'spam'), for example about the issue of instant noodles are coated with wax, but to my knowledge, it is not at all true.

If really so, then the cooking water when the cooked noodles will 'float' liquid wax. Also, the list mi compositions not included anything related to candles.

Apart from the terms of his health, his own instant noodles often creates a unique and interesting story even tragic, for example gontok-engage in conflict because of instant noodles:

Chairman kloter 31 SOC recounts. When taking a ration of instant noodles for kloter 31, he saw the pilgrims were all fighting. Worse yet, some pilgrims tig oral and physical fights to get instant noodle. "I imagine the risk the wrath of God who saw his servant in the land of instant noodles scramble illegitimate and efficacious in Arafat," he said.

The atmosphere of tension still continues. At that time, the group is reflective writers together to say their prayers to God in the place of this efficacious. Not far from ituada place for groups of pilgrims middle-of instant noodles, and it turns out there who do not miss out.

Chairman announced his entourage, who can double rations please return it. Sin for anyone who took the ration of others. The atmosphere as it continues to fight for hot water to boil noodles.

Further information is also provided warning for those who suffer from hypertension, ulcers, and autism:

The downside of instant noodle consumption is a high sodium content. Sodium contained in instant noodles comes from salt (NaCl), and materials developers. Material developers commonly used are sodium tripolifosfat, reaching 1% of the total weight of instant noodles per serving size.

Sodium has the effect which is less favorable for patients with ulcer and hypertension. For ulcer patients, high sodium content which will neutralize the stomach, so the stomach will secrete more acid to digest food. State of gastric acid may result in the erosion of the stomach wall and cause the pain. As for patients with hypertension, sodium will increase blood pressure because of an imbalance between sodium and potassium (Na and K) in the blood and tissues.

Another drawback of instant noodles is not to be consumed by people with autism. This is because instant noodles contain gluten, a substance that should not be consumed by people with autism.

Instant Noodle made ​​us hungry faster than eating rice:

However, the nature of carbohydrates in different noodle with nature that is contained in rice. Most carbohydrates in rice are complex carbohydrates that give effect satiety longer. While carbohydrates in instant noodles is more simple so easily absorbed. As a result, instant noodles give effect hungry faster than rice

And to eat instant noodles "with good, "should be the other side dishes, especially fibrous vegetables:

However, to meet the nutritional needs of the body, one pack of noodles is not enough. If you saw the advertisement on the television screen, the way online Prescription medications are good to eat noodles is to add a menu derived from the basic ingredients of animal and vegetable fibrous.

Ads noodles in the glass screen displays custom instant noodle with additional menu items such as chicken, fish, eggs, kale, carrots, and peas. In the noodle packages also contained a picture presentation of noodles with a menu earlier. So whether this is simply attract attention? Of course not.

The basic ingredients of animal provide a source of protein, whereas fibrous vegetables to add vitamins. In addition, fibrous vegetables contributes to neutralize the fat content.

According to a clinical nutritionist, Juniarta Alidjaja, people who mostly eat instant noodles without balanced fiber foods potentially experiencing health problems. This is because the noodles contain simple carbohydrates, fats and high sodium levels. For example, obesity, increased blood sugar levels, increase tension body and others.

So masihkan you eat instant noodles every day?

source: pramedia @ blogspot

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