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Code 666 In MONDEX Microchip

Kode 666 Dalam Microchip Mondex

Long ago before there is development of technology, as now, God has delivered the message of prophecy through His servants. That there will be a single ruler who would rule this world with enormous power.

God has revealed these future events so that His people to be vigilant and aware of devil's plans. He wants all His people are saved in Jesus Christ, the great escape from the mayhem that will occur. Church of God should use the wisdom of God in the act, persevering in the commandments of God and unwavering faith in Jesus.

The technology developed with this exceptional is preparing for the emergence of new leaders who will rule this world. He is the antichrist. The Bible describes in Revelation 13:18, antichrist has a number of a man who numbered 666. "... Because this number is number of a man, and is number is six hundred sixty six." He has enormous power in the earth and master the world economy. He will cause all people great and small included in the enactment of the financial system. Those who do not want to follow the rules, not to conduct any business. This guy can not buy goods in supermarkets, can not shop, can not
buy or sell. Only the wear marks on the hand or forehead 666 that can do business, buy and sell. "... And no one to buy or sell apart from those who wear the mark, namely the animal's name or number of his name ... "(Revelation 13:16)

Usage 666

Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. Use the sign 666 is in the microchip has begun used in some countries. In Hong Kong has promoted MONDEX microchip implanted in the human body. About 120,000 Hong Kong people marked this. Those who have this sign have special facilities and advantages. In Belgium there is a place airport lounge (waiting room) that special. Only people who use the mark 666 can go into this room. Simply by posting signs on computer scanners, they get better facilities. Systems such as MONDEX with 666 bar code base is likely to be used to control the anti-christ in the world economy and financial control.

You can imagine if one day there is one major bank in Indonesia, who announced for planting a microchip for free promotion is limited only 1,000,000 people only. Wonder what happened? It seems that you already know at all banks in Indonesia are currently heavily-incessant promotion of the use of credit cards and ATM cards. Those who want to have an ATM card can register and apply for no charge at all from savings in the bank. Ease in business transactions because of the development of smart card technology is of special interest to everyone. Moreover, to get it free. What if the games it is planting a microchip MONDEX? Those who use the 666 mark on his forehead or in his hands it will get better facilities. That's what the Bible says that "... no man can buy or sell apart from in those who wear the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. "


MONDEX is the name of a company providing payment system without the cash. This system has been purchased by more than 20 major countries. This system was created in 1990 by a London banker named Tim Jones in collaboration with Graham Higgins of NatWest Coutts, a private bank from the British Royal family. This system is based on smart card technology (technology used by the SIM card in mobile phones) that uses a microchip that is attached to the plastic card (credit card) and capable of storing electronic information such as payment, identification, and a variety of other important information. All transactions made possible through the application of SET (Secure Electronic Transaction / Secure Electronic Transaction).

MONDEX abbreviation of the Monetary and Dexter. Based on Webster's Dictionary Encylopedia (Webster), the meaning of these words are: Money: Everything related to money ... Dexter: Show Sites
on the right hand.

Microchip is in "card MONDEX" contains the symbol number (bar code). The symbol or code lines represent the anti-christ figure is 666 (GIA WebMaster: for an explanation of bar codes can be read on article "Signs of animals in our lives"). MONDEX system would be the perfect solution for the world economy was hit currency crisis. MONDEX is a system that supports the creation of one world currency without the cash. Maybe this system will also realize antrikris mastery over the world economy in the future.

MONDEX microchip embedded in the human body stores the code 666. Those who wear these microchips have special facilities. They live put their hands on a computer scanner and all sales transactions
purchasing can be done automatically without using cash. In the future, to conduct sale and purchase transaction, each person should have this sign. In the head (forehead) or in his right hand. Greek word in the Bible to "sign" the animal is "Charagma" which means the seal (stamp), the badge or mark of slavery,
servitude or forced labor. Number 666 is the Greek expression for "stigma" which means prick or scratch a mark as a sign of ownership. So those who use an indirect sign of 666 slaves branded as anti-christ.

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on March, Friday 18/2011 14:28 by Chandra Yudiana E