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dark. Angel, my december

dark .Angel , my december

you make me regret to know you

its a very brief introduction, I never even meet you ...

but it feel so close

you Gave me hope, but only for a moment ...

like a wind ...

you make me happy ...

you made me smile to myself, Pls I think of you,,,

Feel like crazy ...

That in every smile .. is my hope,


you come with Softly ..

with your beautiful wings, angel

I do not know what you mean,

and this is make me confused ..


I do not care about all of that, Because I'm happy ..

but .. after she comes to your life ...

you broke my heart ... its fall apart ...

you make me regret


no problem ... Because We still be friends,

but what did you doing now? you really left me.

and you never show up

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on February, Friday 11/2011 19:22 by chimme