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Deddy Corbuzier Trace Character

Deddy Corbuzier Jiplak Karakter
Remembered the events yesterday in the aga lebai RCTI, Deddy masterpiece Corbuzier to new appearance, it turns out .... er trace
Om the previous style was also actually trace the character of Jang 1950s-era magician Max Maven. Here on both:
Deddy Cobuzier:
Andrew Jang Cahyadi Deodatus Sunjoyo or better known as Jang Corbuzier (born in Jakarta, December 28, 1976; age 33 years) is a magician that is popular in Indonesia. He is a professional magician of Chinese descent. He is known to face with the unique makeup.

Dilambungkan fame not only by his profession as a magician, but also thanks to an appearance on the world stage entertainment in Indonesia. In addition to appearing frequently in a variety of magic shows and talk shows about magic on various television stations, he also has starred in several advertisements on television and print media. Matthew also had a chance to play in a soap opera as a guest star. Fame mainly sustained by skill in dazzling the spectators who witnessed the action. In addition to common magic tricks, Dedi also often presents a magic show containing high risk. Although known as a magician, he himself preferred the "Mentalist".
Max Maven:
Max Maven (aslinye behalf of Phillip Goldstein), born taon 1950, is an American magician and Mentalist headliner. Max often appeared on TV shows magic play an interactive mind reading magic to television viewers ..

While the image of himself and the performance more towards Mentalist, max contribution to the magician community in the community more drpd Mentalist. He is highly respected in the world of magic as a mentor, and always innovative in finding a lot of magic and mental trik2 widely used by magicians other. Throughout his career he has been a consultant for some of the world's great magicians al: David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Siegfried & Roy, and Doug Henning, as well as a contributor in magic magazines such as: Genii, The Linking Ring (magic's most prominent magazine in the world) , and MUM. Max jg often invited as the Guest of Honour in konvensi2 magic world level which are held regularly each year by the "Society of American Magician" and "International Brotherhood of Magician" or abbreviated IBM
Cekidot two of them together:
And now also trace the character of appearance of the characters, but not from a magician but a rich Ming in Flash Gordon movie.
Dedy Corbuzier

Peris ama Emperor Ming

Ga Kirain there are going to know once y ... hihihi ... ^ _ ^
Hopefully om deddy would nemu true character himself:) Amen.
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Deddy megenai www.kaskus.us Cobuizer, Max Maven, and Emperor Ming
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