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How to Hack up Hackers & Tips To Safeguard up Account

How to Hack Facebook Hackers & Tips To Safeguard Facebook Account

So if you are in up and use Facebook for your business purpose, you know how Important is your Facebook account. You must be alerted about the hackers consistently Who Are Trying to hack up accounts. They Various uses black hat methods to get access of your account. When They succeed to do so, They post spams on your Wall May the which bring down your reputation or make your profile spammy. You Might be reading the stories titled as French President's Facebook Page Hacked and Up pulls CEO's Page After Apparent Hacking.

But you cans secure your Facebook profile by Following Some To To DOS DOS and not so That They can not get any scope to dig a trap for you. Well, here is Some actions That you must take for your security and stability in Facebook.



Remove the Facebook Apps That you do not trust

When you give the permissions of accessing your data to an application, They hang on that permission forever. So you are running on danger zone Actually if you do not know too much about the trustiness of the application. But Some time We allow applications to access our Some profile data for Some instant benefits without knowing about Them and We Are pretty much lazy on the matter of removing the useless applications.


Some hackers drive in. Their road in a long term vision, Theys juicy cans Some applications create and attract you to install Them in your Facebook account. Later, cans They use the permission given by you to hack your account. It is well Enough to say That you must REVOKE the permissions of those apps That you do not need any more or you do not trust Them.



Enable SSL Settings for your Facebook account to be safe from Firesheep

In late of 2010, Codebutler, a developer released a Firefox add-on, named as Firesheep to use the cookies for login security verifications of websites. You Should Be careful about this as the add-on has a security flaw with Wi-Fi network. Cans Hackers use this add-on to grab your login cookies trapping in the wireless network. So you must use SSL connection (https) Pls accessing your Facebook account in a Wi-Fi network connection. Learn how to enable SSL for Facebook.

In order to enable SSL login to your Facebook account and click on the Account link at the top-right corner of the page. Then click on Account Settings link in the drop down menu.


Under the Settings tab scroll down to the Account Security row and click on the Change link.



Click on the Browse up on a secure connection (https) Whenever possible check box and then the Save button.







5 up Security Tips To Safeguard up Account

Do you think your up for an account is safe or your privacy is protected from the folks? If not then you Should Some take immediate actions to safeguard your Facebook account security and privacy. Here are 5 awesome tips on Up security.

1. Log-in to a public computer using up One Time Passwords For Better Security: Public computers are apt to spy on your browsing activity; Some one cans record your keystrokes by installing the keylogger application or record your activities by a spy camera to hack your Facebook user name and password. But you cans original AVERT up your log-in details by using up One Time Passwords.

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To get the up one time password you'll have to add a mobile number at your Facebook profile (Log in to Facebook account> Profile> Edit my profile> Contact information). Now simply send a text message to 32665 with "otp" (without quotes). Up earnest send a temporary user name and password for logging into your Facebook account. This user name and password is valid for only the first-time log-in. So, if any body That record and try to log in later using That details, he / she will from some misguided as That details will not work for second-time log-in.

Note: Your original user name and password is still active and you cans log-in to your Facebook account at anytime using the original details.

This feature is only available up in the U.S. But We Expect That up earnest sets out this facility for other countries.

2. Use Remote Log-out feature: In general people forget to log-out from Their up an account Pls Leaving the public computers. It is very dangerous and you cans loss all of your privacy even the access to your Facebook account. In this case you must take a quick action before any-one get into your account from That account. Facebook has integrated the remote log-out feature. You can monitor your account activity with the device information and the place name.

To view your Facebook account activity, log-in to your Facebook account and go to Account> Account Settings> Account Security, now click on "Change". It will from the show the latest activity of your account from Nowhere like your account has been accessed etc.




If you see any suspicious activity like the place That you never visited or the system configuration That does not match with yourself, just terminate the suspicious activity on those PCs by clicking on "End activity."

3. Enable notification Login: Under Account> Account Settings> Security Accounts you will from see the Log-in notification features (see the above screen-shot). By default it Remains disabled. By enabling That feature, you get a notification will from SMS or email Whenever a new device or computer is logged in to your account.

4. Keep your password strong: Keeping a strong password is always a good way to turn the clever password crackers into an idiot. They always Participate in guessing or cracking passwords by Some methods like brute force method etc. So choose a password Wisely so That it contains both the capital and small letters, numeric characters, and atleast one or two symbolic characters like ^, {, @ etc. Your passwords at least 6 characters Should contain Because the brute-force programs try to match all the combination of the characters one by one. So a large number of character means a large number of combination and keep busy That will from the program for a long time to match your whole password.

5. Secure your birth date: Birth date is Very Important for your unique identification. So do not show the full birth date publicly at your Facebook profile.

So keep your Facebook account secured to safeguard your privacy and Important data.

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