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How To Reduce Phone Radiation Effects


Jakarta, the impact of mobile phone radiation is still controversial, some say dangerous but not a few who later denied this. Even if true dangerous, there are many ways you can do to reduce their impact. Here it is how.

For those of modern humans daily activities can not be separated from the phone, the research agency of the world organization (WHO) in May 2008 there was quite encouraging. It says in conclusion, the use of certain mobile phones does not increase the risk of brain cancer significantly.

However, several subsequent studies revealed another hazard of cell phone radiation. Among them can trigger impotence in men, breast cancer in women and Permusatan attention and hyperactivity disorders (GPPH) in children.

Actually, any radiation, large or small can have an impact on the human body. How that can be done to reduce the impact of mobile phone radiation, as quoted from Time, on Friday (02/25/2011) as follows:

1. Use of mobile devices such as indirect hands free or bluetooth
The easiest way to reduce the impact of mobile phone radiation is to use devices that are not directly to mobile phones such as hands free or bluetooth.

In this way the signal transmitter away from the brain in the head, but could not prevent the risk of impotence as long as in my pants pocket. Handsfree device Wireless, for example, bluetooth is still emitting radiation itself even less.

2. Take advantage of the short message service (SMS)
Radiation is emitted when send short messages is less than when receiving or make voice calls. In addition, the position of the phone while sending a message to be more distant from the head than when the telephone.

3. Do not store the phone under the pillow
Although not in use, the phone is in stand-by position (stays on) still emit radiation in order to always connect to the network. Leaving the phone under the pillow during sleep would bring him closer to the head so the brain will be exposed to radiation during the night.

4. Do not store the phone the shirt or pants pocket
The brain is not the only human organs that are affected by mobile phone radiation. Research shows, the radiation can affect the quality of male sperm and increase the risk of breast cancer in women. To reduce the risk, it's good phone kept in a small bag that can dijinjng everywhere.

5. Use case (closed) antiradiasi
A variety of products to reduce cell phone radiation are offered on the market, ranging from stickers antiradiasi to special casing for smart phones that radiation is high enough. An independent test conducted Wired magazine indicate, some branded casing antiradiasi able to reduce radiation up to 66.7 percent.
source: detik.com
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on February, Friday 25/2011 21:56 by aldy