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how to save battery xperia X8

1. Software download Advanced Task Manager or Task Manager of Apollo Software (the Market). This application serves as the task manager on the desktop or Notebook Computer. Select and turn off unneeded applications.

2. Network settings from 3G to 2G. Use 3G on while online only. When using the 2G network can be more efficient battery to 25%.

3. Adjust the brightness of the screen, usually already available widget. Set to be dimmed for more frugal bater.

4. Sign in setting - Sound & display - turn off orientation (so can not auto-rotate). This aids the battery saving as well. Animation can also be turned off. (Ga but I liked this option, because Smarthphone without orientation there is a lack of taste.)

5. Log settings - wireless control - the mobile network settings, then remove the check on the MMS and Data. This will break the GPRS network in order to save battery too.

6. Use Helix Launcher (download from the market) if deemed appropriate.

7. This is typical in the Xperia series, there are features that accommodate Timescape message, email, status twitter, and facebook in one widget. Update to Timescape in setting longer (there is a choice 15menit, 30min, 1 hour, 3 hours or Manual). Every time an update Timescape, need to refresh the Internet connection status. Guaranteed to reduce your battery consumption.
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