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HTC Flyer Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update?

HTC Flyer Dapatkan Update Ice Cream Sandwich?

Recently, HTC Flyer (and EVO View 4G) get Honeycomb update. However, the update is not entirely by users like Flyer, partly because of the absence of HTC Sense.

Because it is exactly, many Flyer users who intend to return to Gingerbread. For users who are already skilled enough, surely it (Mngembalikan Flyer to Gingerbread) is not difficult, simply by downloading and flash the firmware default (Bill), eating Flyer will return to Gingerbread.

For the novice user, of flashing felt pretty scary affair, moreover there is a possibility that these devices (Flyer) will be bricked (can not be used at all). Therefore, the HTC-Hub.com (one blog about HTC) took the initiative to ask how to downgrade the Flyer to Gingerbread on the HTC, and get the answer is surprising.

HTC states that the Flyer users can bring tablets nominally to Customer Service to downgraded to Gingerbread. Then, the HTC gives another answer, that suggests users Flyer to wait for Ice Cream Sandwich update on their tablets. This could be good news for users Flyer, given previous HTC via their Facebook account notify the list of devices that will be Ice Cream Sandwich update, HTC Flyer, but without names on the list.

There has been no official confirmation from HTC whether Ice Cream Sandwich update will indeed be available for the Flyer, but at least their side (through customer service) gives a 'hidden' about the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

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