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Microsoft: 900 Million Users HACKER Pidgin Internet Explorer

Microsoft: HACKER Intai 900 Juta Pengguna Internet Explorer
Recently, Microsoft found a gap that allows the hackers to steal users' personal information Internet Explorer. California-based company was requesting more than 900 million users of the browser engine to be aware of their vulnerabilities that lurk.

Risks arising from the weakness of this security gap, according to Microsoft, can be exploited by hackers to steal personal information or take over computers. The browser engine as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are not too affected by these threats because they do not support MHTML files.

Microsoft said the possibility of entry of hackers on the Internet Explorer caused by a problem on Windows operating systems. That is, could have this security hole to infect the entire artificial Windows platforms, from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

To close the security holes, Microsoft advises users to download the latest security system. Although no reports from users who are victims of hackers, a company established Bill Gates was still urge users to be careful.

Microsoft spokeswoman, Angela Gunn said the gap in the security of the browser engine that has been announced since Friday last week. "Hackers can build HTML links to trap and steal the identity of the victim," he said.
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