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Mystery Kaaba The stir NASA

Kaaba, God's house a million miss visiting the Muslim Ummah and a guest - guest of God the supreme creator. Kiblatnya (direction) to perform their prayers in the Muslim ummah, from any country all worship pray facing this direction.


Glossary Kaaba is the language of al Quran of the word "ka'bu" which means "ankle" or place of leg spin move for move. Al-Quran verses 5/6dalam define the term dg "Ka'bain" which means "two eyes legs' and Paragraph 5/95-96 contain the term 'temple' which means a real "eye of the earth" or "the axis of the earth" or the north pole of the earth rotation.


Neil Armstrong has proven that the city of Mecca is the center of the planet Earth. This fact has been examined through a scientific study.

When Neil Armstrong for the first time to travel into space and take pictures of the planet Earth, he said, "Planet Earth was hanging in a very dark area, who hung it?."

The astronauts have discovered that the planet Earth, it issued a kind of radiation, they officially announce it on the Internet, but unfortunately it 21 days later the website there seems to be missing a hidden reason behind the elimination of the website.

After doing further research, it turns out radiation was centered in the city of Mecca, precisely derived from the Kaaba. What is surprising is that radiation is infinite (not endless ), This is proven when they take pictures of Mars, the radiation is still ongoing.

Muslim Researchers believe that this radiation has the characteristics and connections between the Kaaba on the planet Earth with the Kaaba in the netherworld.

Mecca Center of the Earth

Prof. Hussain Kamel discovered a surprising fact that Mecca is the center of the earth. At first he was researching a way to determine the direction of Qibla in the big cities in the world.


For this purpose, he drew lines on maps, and after that he studied carefully the position of the seven continents of Makkah and distance respectively. He began to draw parallel lines just to facilitate the projection of longitude and latitude.

After two years of hard work and heavy, he was aided by computer programs to determine the correct distances and different variations, as well as many other things. He was impressed with what was found, that Mecca is the center of the earth.


He realized the possibility of drawing a circle with Mecca as its center point, and the line outside the circle that is continent-benuanya. And at the same time, he moves along with the outer circumference of the continent-continent. (Al-Arabiyyah Magazine, issue 237, August 1978).

Satellite Pictures, which appeared later in the 90's, emphasized the same results when the studies further lead to the layers of Earth's topography and geography of the land when it was created.

Has become an established scientific theory that the earth plates are formed during the long geological ages, moving regularly around the Arabian plate. These plates constantly converge towards it as if pointing to Mecca.

Scientific studies was carried out for different purposes, not meant to prove that Mecca is the center of the earth. However, the study published in many scientific magazines in the West.

Allah says in the Qur'an al-Karim as follows:

'Thus We have revealed to the Holy Qur'an in Arabic that ye may give warning to the Umm Al-Qura (Mecca residents) and population (countries) around it .. ' (Ash-Shura: 7)

The word 'Umm Al-Qura' means the host for other cities, and towns around it shows Makkah is the center for other cities, and the other is just being around him. More than that, said Umm (mother) has significance in Islamic culture.

As a mother is the source of the seed, then Mecca is also the source of all other lands, as described at the beginning of this study. In addition, the word 'mother' gave Makkah superiority over all other cities.

Mecca or Greenwich

Based on careful considerations that Mecca was the center of the earth as is corroborated by studies and geological images produced satellites, it truly believed that the Holy City of Mecca, not Greenwich, should be a reference world time. This will end the long controversy that began four decades ago.

There are many arguments scientifically to prove that Mecca is a square zero region through the holy city, and he was not through Greenwich in England. GMT imposed on the world when the majority of the country in the world under the British colony. If the Mecca that is applied, it is easy for everyone to find time to pray.


Makkah is the center of the layers of heaven

There are a few verses and Hadith Nabawi that imply this fact. Allah says, 'Hi class of jinn and men, if you are able to penetrate the (crossing) over the heavens and the earth, then lintasilah, you can not penetrate it but with strength. " (Ar-Rahman: 33)

Aqthar word is the plural of the word 'qutr' which means the diameter, and he refers to the heavens and the earth that have a lot of the diameter.

From this verse and of some hadith can be understood that the diameter of the layers of the sky above the earth's diameter (seven plates of the earth). If Mecca was in the midst of the earth, then it means that Mecca is also located in the middle layers of the sky.

In addition there are hadith which says that the Grand Mosque in Mecca, where the Kaaba is that there is in the midst of the seven heavens and seven layers earth (meaning seven layers forming the earth).

The Prophet said, 'O people of Mecca, O people of Quraish, in fact you are under the middle of the sky.

Source: http://fahrinotes.blogspot.com/2010/02/misteri-kabah-menggegerkan-nasa.html

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