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Because of the FIFA Statutes twist PSSI
Source: Liputan 6

Liputan6.com, Jakarta: Hundreds of police stood guard at the complex office PSSI Bung Karno Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (22 / 2). Guard tightened following the plans of hundreds of supporters Persibo Bojonegoro or Boromania rallies today.

As is known, last Saturday, the verification team PSSI decided only Nurdin Halid and Nirwan Bakrie as prospective candidates who pass the General Chairman (ketum) PSSI. Candidates (balloon) Other Gen. George Toisutta and Arifin Panigoro failed drive. This led to the assumption Nurdin accidentally tripped George and Arifin for the sake of perpetuating power.

Though a FIFA members, but the criteria for candidate ketum was not the same as the rules of world football is the parent organization. At the FIFA rules mentioned candidate ketum may not exceed the specified maximum age. And PSSI in this case remove it.

FIFA also requires the candidate is a person yangs ketum been active in football. By this rule plus PSSI with sentences of at least active for five years.

In addition, according to FIFA rules, a candidate ketum never convicted in the case law. But by PSSI this rule transformed into a nominated candidate is not being convicted of a criminal act when the Congress was held. (DIM)

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on February, Wednesday 23/2011 18:32 by Panji Akbar