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Sahara Band Indonesia

Sahara Band Indonesia
Category: Music
Genre: Rock
Artist: Sahara Band
Sahara is a band that stood in 1989 on pilot Richard Mutter [ex PAS Band] and Ahmad Sebastio. After a number of rock festivals successfully occupied the podium, Sahara then climb the world's recording career in 1993 with their debut album titled INSOMNIA. Bervokalkan Ixan and supported by Dion guitarist, bassist and drummer Sebastio Agus Ahmad Aziz, in 1995 the group from Bandung is managed to carve his name in country music arena with a single sweet "Let the Lonely" on her second album. And the achievement was getting their mengukuhnya to tread the next step.

THREE album comes in 1997 and its sequel titled FOURT which appeared in 2000 and the album THE BEST, unable to defend the name of Sahara diatara invasion bands - band of newcomers began to mushroom. Unfortunately, the busyness of each personnel slowly began to dim the glow of the Sahara until they declare a vacuum from the glitter of the stage and recording world. However, the incision is apparently made ​​an impression Sahara deep enough in the hearts of his fans. Thus, although the flutter Sahara has subsided, but the attention from fans continue to flow.

Intrigued by the sincerity and longing loyal fans will make wonderful works that summarized the album, Sahara decided to come back! Ahmad Sebastio, Dion and Rothua, the drummer who replace Aziz in 2000, then called Ridwan Alm. as the new vocalist and appoint a replacement Ixan Rantas Dandy as a substitute Ovy [U'camp and / rif], guitarist who was present at the album THE BEST. With the latest formations, Sahara has released a new album YESTERDAY, NOW AND LATER at the end of 2006.

This fifth album is wrapped with the spirit to return greet fans and shed tempest melutup work long enough in the chest of each personnel. Look singles mainstay "You're Not Me". Although the lyrics talk about the sadness of a leleki who betrayed his love, but with a very strong rebound vocal and musical arrangements are so mature, managed to make this song really impressed man! Far from the smell of 'menye-menye'. So is the latest Arrangement of "Let the Silence". Although more modern sound, nuances nostalgianya still felt strong on each side. They were able to prove that the beauty of his works are not eroded by time, it implies a burst of energy and show their identity as the bearer flow of pop rock.

In order to greet and treat the yearning of fans, some of the best old songs from the Sahara was the release in ring back tone service flexitone-TelkomFlexi, such as:
1. Desire Intro, with kodelagu 7210016
2. Desire Reff, with kodelagu 7210017
3. Still, with kodelagu 7210018
4. Nuance, with kodelagu 7210019
5. Queen, with kodelagu 7210020
6. 19 Love, by kodelagu 7210021
7. Top Wind, with kodelagu 7210022
8. Execution, with kodelagu 7210023
9. Images, with kodelagu 7210024

One things to know that, now appear more mature sahara but still young at heart. The underlying theme of love songs were capable of impretasikannya carefully. Although there is a sense of willingness and distress, but how much of an impression pengukapannya crybaby. The long journey that brought valuable experience to Sahara stock sail the ocean of music of Indonesia, yesterday, now and later.

And in the not long before the formation anyarnya SAHARA consisting of: ALEX (Voc), NIKO (Guitar), Gangan (Guitar), AHMAD SEBASTIO (Bass) & ROTHUA (Drum), ready to go back UP ROCK MUSIC INDONESIA kicked off the arena! With the current FORCES & AMMUNITION, SAHARA will provide a musical treat that is certain to be very thick at all levels HARD-ROCK/PROG-ROCK, without forgetting the sweet & romantic sentuhan2 Lyrics or both in his tone. Because, with the difference Background music from PERSONNEL expected to provide & produce music a `la SAHARA more varied, but easy on the Hardware will be accepted by music lovers globally.
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