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Setting Mikrotik with ADSL Speedy

Setting Mikrotik dengan ADSL Speedy

Author Articles: Nathan Gusti Ryan

Mikrotik, in accordance with the vision that is ROUTING THE WORLD, this time really has been recognized as a router is very reliable and very complete feature and very easy configuration. But not the least of these users Mikrotik Mikrotik stripped and returned to the network NATURAL, not because the router OS is not reliable or router OS that "Bego". But their own human resources is still lacking in understanding and explore the functions and configuration technical Mikrotik itself. So ... for your learn more expert control this Mikrotik. Including colleagues who want a professional in the field of IT Networking System, working in the ISP and in the Telco. Prepare your skills with expertise Mikrotik Administrator reliable, not only can but should be completely Expert ...

Therefore, having experience in using Mikrotik from 2005 to 2010 that I make Books Training Materials Mikrotik Mikrotik Bandwidth Management and VPN Server - Client, within a period of 5 months (November 2009 - February 2011) has made> 30 training classes with the number of participants > 500 people (Both regular class / class public and Private / Inhouse Training). This training is not for profit-oriented but are sharing knowledge and experiences of fellow IT colleagues, students and community.

Perform Installation Mikrotik Router PC or configure Mikrotik RouterBoard, it is not difficult (if benar2 understand basic concepts & technical) but also is not easy (for you newbies and for those of you who Mikrotik origin / carelessly setting without benar2 understand the workings of Mikrotik carefully).

Using Speedy connection with Mikrotik Router there are 2 kinds of ways, namely:

1. ADSL Modem setting as PPPoE, then your username and password in the input Speedy Modem, so that once connected to Speedy the Public IP is on this ADSL modem. In this option Mikrotik BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT serve only as just as well as various other features, but only for LOCAL service.

2. ADSL modem in the settings as a BRIDGE, and then the username & password Speedy at the input to Mikrotik (PPPoE Client), so that once connected to Speedy the Public IP is in the mikrotik. In this option Mikrotik not only serves as BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT but other features can be enabled for various services PUBLIC. As VPN Server / Client, FTP Server, Web Server, etc..

Before starting the configuration, the following network topology that we are building. Our ADSL modem settings as Bridge (Bridge Mode, not PPPoE). IP addresses are used too freely according to the network on your premises. Once again that if we understand the concept correctly, we Mikrotik Router to make any connection or using an IP Address how it will feel easy and SURE SUCCESS ...

0: The materials must be prepared to make Mikrotik Router PC is a PC Cricket - at least a Pentium II/400 Mhz, 1 GB hard drive minimum, 64 MB RAM / 128 MB, 2 pcs PCI LAN Card (Brand Intel / Realtek / Dlink / 3 Com / Tplink / etc), CDRom, CD Installer Mikrotik, taste UTP cable and an ADSL modem that supports BRIDGE MODE.

1: ADSL Modem IP Address:

2: IP Address Mikrotik interface to ADSL Modem: (must be a segment with the IP Address modem). Despite the fact we could have NOT given IP address on this interface for PPPoE Dial Up Modem will automatically search for Bridge, but giving the IP address for this interface will provide convenience for checking the connection / ping to ADSL modem.

3: IP Address Mikrotik interface to the Switch / Hub / Client: (coincidence I use this IP, which is important should be a segment with our Client PC IP Address for that matter). Pay attention and understand the image below:

source: http://thinkxfree.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/step-by-step-installasi-router-mikrotik-dgn-adsl-speedy/

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