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Sneezing, coughing, yawning, SNORING AND Hiccups

KNOW WHY WE sneezing, coughing, yawning, SNORING AND Hiccups

Sneezing, coughing, hiccups, snoring, or evaporate surely you've ever experienced. When in a dusty area, you will sneeze. Then when inhaling something that made ​​shortness of breath, you will cough. Sometimes you also had the hiccups that reads 'hik'. snoring or snoring can also be experienced by anyone. Another one is when sleepy, you yawn .
Activities that often occur outside the will and is a natural process. Why did it happen? Scientifically, it can be explained as follows.
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    Sneezing is a great air flow through the mouth and nose. It happened outside the will. Usually sneezing occurs because there are particles in the nose bully you. Nerve endings in the nose stimulate you sneeze to get rid of those particles.

    Another cause is a cold or the flu. At the time of the flu, many foreign particles in your nose, forcing the nose to stimulate a sneeze.

    All you need to know about sneezing is the air velocity when you sneeze reach 166 kilometers per hour. Then when your net will issue up to 100,000 small mucous granules and micro-organisms. That's why, when sneezing you should cover your nose and mouth because it can harm other people.
  • Cough


    Just like a sneeze, when you cough aims to expel harmful substances in your body. If sneezing occurs because there are foreign particles in the nose, the cough occurs because there are particles or foreign substances in the lungs or throat. The goal for clean the lungs from harmful substances as respiratory tract began to fail. Coughing can also be a deliberate attempt to clear the throat. Cough also can spread germs that cause disease. Therefore, we recommend that when you cough, you cover your mouth.
  • Hiccup


    Hiccups occur outside the will or can not be controlled. Hiccups are sudden air-making caused by contractions of the diaphragm is not regular. The reason for the disruption of the body organs near the diaphragm. Seizures are pulling air from the lungs through the larynx, hitting the epiglottis, causing the vocal cords vibrate. Therefore it, will make any noise 'hik' when you hiccup.
  • Snore

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    During sleep, some people snore or snoring. Rough voice when you sleep is usually caused by breathing through the mouth. Soft tissue on the palate near the throat vibrate as the air through it when you breathe through your mouth. In addition, the lips, cheeks, and your nostrils also vibrate. The position of the common causes snoring is sleep supine. This is because the mouth tends to gape and tongue blocking the respiratory tract. One solution is to try to sleep on.
  • Yawn


    When drowsy, you will evaporate. Why do you yawn? Because your lungs get less oxygen. By taking a deep breath outside a natural response will occur as a result of closing of the lung by carbon dioxide or oxygen deficiency.

    What is also interesting, that vaporize suspected as the habit contagious. If you see or hear other people yawn, which often happens is that you went along with a yawn. This phenomenon is still a mystery to many scientists.
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