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Solution stayed up late the night which should be avoided

Solusi begadang tengah malam yang harus di hindari
Sleepy ...???
literate but still want to make TV shows ama Laptop melolotin till midnight?
Do not kwatir ....
On knowing that his name not coffee ....???
beverages certainly somewhat blackish color that's very positive benefit, among others, stimulate the central nervous system. This is what makes the eyes are not sleepy. Coffee is also useful stimulate the muscles, so a person feels excited and not smooth.
Cuman, coffee negativenya emang also have an effect. One of them, caffeine in coffee makes blood pressure rise sharply, so dangerous for people with hypertension. besides that coffee also stimulates the formation of urine because the coffee still provide some impact. However, the effects of coffee candy not as much as eating a cup of coffee, because they have different levels of coffee, especially if only one candy. But, at least coffee candy could be another solution to make friends staying the night.
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on February, Thursday 24/2011 00:33 by edi