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Students Species

In general, students of species can be classified into three groups, namely:
# Butterfly
Students of this type of working-class college-home-home. No time for just chatting or playing with his friends, not active in the Student Activity Unit (SMEs) that there dikampusnya, let alone to be a militant protesters. The time spent in the library more, doing coursework, core IP pursue good. Students of this type are required by their parents to quickly pass, working quickly, and soon married. They often belong to the student who squirt, because they at most only know friends and friends of his rented sejurusan only. Students of this type are very regular life, when to learn, when to eat, when to sleep, and when it's time to wake up as well, existing schedule respectively. Usually this type of student is always good value, even after graduation may not be successful. Pol stuck working at a company with a staff position until retirement.
# Kura-Kura
Species of this second type of student-college work-study-meeting conference. More time is spent for activities in the Student Activity Unit (SMEs), Student Executive Board (BEM) / the like, or in extra-campus organization. They diligent follow for such activities to broaden and extend the Curriculum Vitae (CV). A small number among them some that really want to fight for the struggle of student idealism. A small part it really does not deserve to feel just being in the ivory tower college without knowing the condition of the surrounding community. They proudly call themselves as part of the map of Indonesian student movement. Just so you know, their activities in an organization is often used as an alibi for his lectures are not being finished.
# Firefly
Students of this type of working-class-college-perched perched. Usually they perched in the cafeteria campus, perched on angkringan or warteg, or for deep pockets will choose the cafe or discotheque as a place for the event pe-nangkring of them. Boro-boro too late in the library or live peacefully in a dorm room, this group of students to spend more time to Ngalor-ngidul with friends in odd places. Most which boasts a rich kid car giving their father (who perhaps was the result of corruption.) When the lecture was always sitting in the back row while nodding off, sleep, or use HP nge-net. Whenever possible, they avoid the lectures in the morning, because staying up all night hobby. Unfortunately, those types of students (the classification bourgeoisie) adaaaa who later life success. Understandably, their father the rich, successful businessman, or an important official, who had a myriad of strategic connections.
Source: theKAMPUS
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on February, Saturday 26/2011 17:05 by Abby AR [MI-14/08]