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The Memory Loss

The Memory Loss
There was a young man named Hiroshi (pseudonym), age 18 years, are timid, dingn of people, rarely socialize with children his age because of his habit of always kacil in order dwell in the house by her mother. Whether it's because of love or anything, so her social low.
Well after graduating from high school he also plans to continue the study of learning kesebuah he wants university and intends to major in nursing because of his heart who likes to help and humble, he decided to get in on the majors. But .... in his mind he did not want to bother their parents and younger sister more than this, knowing he knew that going in kesebuah klau university majoring in nursing she has to spend a fairly large about 150 jt. Yahhhh ... he was imprison keinginannnya to enter and become a nurse like her friend who today. Even so he was willing to enter university kesebuah pretty good also in the "Kanto" in which he entered the majors are associated with the informatics.
Originally you know before graduating Sma he actually experienced what it is called amnesia, this occurs after the holding of the UN in high school ea he suffered an accident that causes amnesia. His parents were unsure of his actions to melajutkan college. Because of his knowledge ever could possibly have lost some of that may be experiencing difficulties in lessons that will diberiakan there. But they believe in his son.
Well ........ first day of class begins. He has not only obtain their own friends and wherever he went. Actually, his heart was very sad but do be patient just in his heart. Since high school he never had close friends, even though he Sma time he considered a clever boy continues even get a champion but a champion not only rank 3 ea ..... just finished inword This woman must be endowed with intelligence. The smart guy just because of sheer luck .......
Kedu days he lived again with a serious, well one at a time when going into spatial physics lab he was approached by a young child that is Thinokawa (pseudonym JAPAN). Start deh chat show - talk a man - male. Hehehe ....
Finally he had a friend too ..... eeehhh Thinokawa forget after the incident and instead moved to another university once he is poor at staying friends first. But he patiently kok ....
The seventh day he lived again with the spirit that never was where he met a girl but not the sort of guy but rich girl not a boy. Then what ya think ...... who cwek aja. His name is Rin kazami (pseudonym), age younger than him ... that is 17 years. Kejadinnya when there should be a rule that entering the lab must have a lab coat as well and sovereign, when you want to order live list. At that time the record adalahn Rin. Hah at that moment we began to get acquainted ....
first introduction to how it feels really disgusting, base - clearly not a long stale would happen (he thought).
Rin: Hi ... The name lo whom?
(The heart) "crazy speech harshly bgt ea. That's the sort of stylistic Agata "
Hiroshi: oh ... my, my hiroshi.ada what? (Shaking + shy + nervous) "
Rin: make the suit asked for his autograph lab ea.
Hiroshi: (nervous bolpoint hold until his autograph so bad) ... ohhh it.
This kertasnyua.
Phew ...... Fuihhhhhhhhh .....( breath of relief)
Uh ... arrived - there's a new arrival comes, men - men little scary there sideboards ea and sat beside ea.Namanya Bintama (blom met)
(Eaaahhhhhhh. ... who else in my class this strange creature.)
Blom also acquainted with him. That Hiroshi blom can learn how to socialize just can ea criticized in the liver.
The following day he met a man - another man His name is Ichi kurosama or called Kuro. (For some reason the name Kuro ea should not know its history sihhhhh ........ hehehe). Kuro This egg lovers would eat eggs .... any drink menu as well until there are eggs. Really weird ..... ea
At first the programming is in class .... stupid Hiroshi preformance this lesson by accident he's ever helped by Kuro. Introduction began besemi ....." hahahah ......
How ea story:
Hello! you name anyone (while shaking hands) --- àKuro
Eeehhhhh .....( he said to himself: what else is why not immediately wrote) hhhhhhhmmmmmmm I Hiroshi, you? ----- Àhiroshi
I'm Kuro (ea Hiroshi think) but she said. I "Kuro" --- àKuro
Once the story.
Sunday - next week ,............ He intends to return to the house that ea exist in slums understand ingit save more money. But once inside the bus (let style) he was surprised to see two new people in the same familiar bus. And by the same person anymore. Surely you know the next chert think ...... how ...
1. Was he directly addressed ...?
2. Or even silent and wanted in hello first?
Eahhhh ... may be said that the second answer. Why so read the statement wrote that early on. He was on the basis ea shy (rich women only).
Rin : Uh ... Hiroshi, coincidentally the same bus.
Hiroshi: (to himself) say fuck him.
He ... coincidence once ea. (his eyes do not stare directly kepinggir)
Rin: emang lo house where? kalu gw in the Shinigami. You neg-boarding.
Hiroshi: (annoyed in the liver) Phew ... style so again.
Oh I was boarding in the area nikisawa. (Ultimately in charge as well)
Rin: Well near dong.
Hiroshi: (to himself) why klo emang close.
And the second man began to speak.
Kuro: Wow so Hiroshi klo also close to gw. Gw nge-boarding in the area near the well sintetsu with Rin. Can - can we continue to move back together.
They also talk - talk ......
The next day ea developments began to be felt. He started out together and
sitting side by side with two new friends that ea .....
had continued .......
there is a call of nature .....
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