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Local area network is the relationship of one computer to another computer in a room or a particular building. With Local area network then we can share resources between a user's computer with other users. In addition It can also for sharing (sharing) work documents with other users. We can open a file or document without having to sit in front of the computer where the document is stored. In a word with a local area network then it will speed up the process of exchanging documents and raise the performance of a company. But with the local area network also opens the opportunity for the occurrence of deviations of the document on the share, giving rise to kerawaan to documents that are confidential opened by an unauthorized user. Within this framework the Windows system has to provide facilities in order to protect data and information is not any wrongdoing. But whether the deviation occurred and will return again to the user or administrator Could he was responsible for the job.

Login is the process undertaken to enter into the computer network. There are two kinds of first login If a computer is first turned on then the first window that appears is
login window. The second is to change the user login. Login steps: Restart your computer and wait until the first login window appears. Click on the Guest login. Wait until the desktop window. If sidah appears the login process is successful. To navigate our computer networks need a program called Windows Explorer. To open the program follow following steps:

Click the Start button All Programs ⇒ Accessories ⇒ ⇒ Windows Explorer. In an instant, then Windows Explorer window will appear

1. Windows Explorer window is divided into two: the left pane displays a hierarchical arrangement of folders and the right hand side displays the contents of the folder or drive that is currently active.

2. Find and click on My Network Places folder found in the left pane. Will display a list of folders or drives on the share.

3. Click the plus sign located to the left of the entire network. Then will come the sub folder underneath that is Microsoft Windows Network.

4. Click the plus sign located on the left on the Microsoft Windows Network. It will appear domain or network group that is active

5. Click on the plus sign located to the left of the domain. Will display a list of computers that are running on the network for example, there komp1, komp2 and so on.

6. click the plus sign located to the left on komp1 you want to visit. When the click then you will see a list of shared folder. From the folders, you can view the contents.


Data for folders and documents we can be accessed from another computer then we have to do the sharing folder.

Here is how to make sharing a folder:

Find and select the folder which we will share that there are on drive d: \ Click the File ⇒ Properties.

click on the Sharing tab on the top of the dialog box click the check box Share this folder on the network.

Type the name of the desired share in the share name listed underneath. Activate the check box "Allow network users to change my files" Click OK. You look at the shared folder icon will change to "shared folder".

TURN Shared Folders

Click the folder that was shared on each computer file menu ⇒ Click Properties. Enable the Sharing tab Remove the check mark in the dialog box and security share


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